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Intro / Theme:

A relaxing walk in the park, with a little bit of platforming. You need to explore and reach the next campfire in time, or there will be some unfortunate consequences. It's all fun and nothing dangerous.


This is a submission for the OST Game Jam, where you make a game out of a song from the Two Hour Album Challenge over 10 days. A Short Walk itself is inspired by the song Progress by Don't B Flat

I wasn't aware of the meaning behind the song until much later in the Jam. When I was planning what to do, the song give me an impression of something explosive. So I went with a platformer game where the music dictates your movement.

I hope you enjoy A Short Walk, despite the lack of polish. I originally intended this to be a Webgl game, but problems came up during the building process.


All art assets were made by me and Valkoy in Aseprite. The font used is Silver, one of my favorite. The sound effects were whatever I could get off of opengameart and google/youtube's audio library. Huge thanks to Don't B Flat for letting us to use their song for this Jam.  Check them out if you enjoy the song.

Bug Notice: If you don't see particles in your game (or can only see it in the starting area), it's a known bug. I don't know why but it works fine for the Unity Editor, so it probably has something to do with my build settings. Somehow the Mac version is the buggier one despite the fact that I was developing on a Mac :( .

Install instructions

For Mac, I unzip the file using Mac's built in tool, and inside should be the game executable file.

For Windows, similarly unzip the file and inside there will be an .exe file.


MacBuild.zip 31 MB
WindowsBuild.zip 32 MB


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I played your game and it was fun. I really liked the music. It would help alot if you could check out my channel and possibly subscribe! Thank you!

Fantastic work, definitely my favorite from the jam!

I’d love to hear more about the development process; since both the level design and platform mechanics are so tightly coupled to the song you chose for the soundtrack, which did you build first? I imagine it would be difficult to iterate on either after the fact without redoing the other as well.

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I'm glad you had fun with the game. Development wise, I had the song in mind from the very beginning, as well as the platformer mechanic. I started by labeling the beats in FMOD, and used an integration that lets Unity play tracks from FMOD and receive FMOD labels. Looks something like this:

These labels tells Unity when the jumps are, what texts to send at what parts of the song to loop. The map was made with the song and beatmap in mind, and I added some standard platformer tricks to make jumping less strict. The checkpoints helps limit the effects of any changes I make, so it was not too time consuming.

This is really fun, neat concept!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game.

I really like the idea of the game! The visual felt polish too~ 

Although there's an awkward part where I'm too early to the jump spot (after respawn) and have to wait 2-3 secs. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback. The 2-3 secs respawn time was intended for the case where you failed to push the box on the second checkpoint somehow, but in hindsight I should've added more logic to decrease downtime.