Bug Acknowledgement: Webgl isn't functional for 2020.01 unity. I'm downgrading and rebuilding. After death you need to reload the page. Something with unity not destroying objects.

In order to ascend, you must seek a secret altar to the East. In order to create a path, you must cause chaos enough to offset the order that the path provides.

In the game, you progress through a series of randomly generated small rooms. The rooms gets more difficult as you progress, and as of now there is no official end point (you can go until the game stops declaring the number of stages you cleared and starts questioning your sanity, but that's it). 

I hope you enjoy the game, even if it's slightly incomplete. 



Music: https://dos88.itch.io/dos-88-music-library

SFX: Made by BFXR

Font: https://poppyworks.itch.io/silver

Bullet from: https://pimen.itch.io/magical-animation-effects

Tileset and character made by Valkoy (https://valkoy.itch.io/) and edited by me.


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cute game. i dont know how to progress though. and is it intentional that you can walljump on every rightfacing surface?

Oof. I don't think that was intended. I'm glad you like the game tho.

Stage1 closed the blue doors before i was inside :/

It should be fixed. Thanks for noticing. (If you are talking about after you die then I'm still working on that)

i did not die yet :)