A platformer about a girl with a magic umbrella.

This game was made for Weekly Game Jam 204. The theme this time is "Downhill". I took this literally, and made the story revolves around a girl heading downhill.


I ended up listening to a lot of YeYe's songs this past week, and this one stood out to me. The game's story is inspired by this MV. I also played through Celeste this last week, and got really hooked on its platforming mechanics.


The game's mechanic revolves around an umbrella. You jump higher and fall faster without it, and it could serve as a platform for you to ride. The umbrella also gets pushed down if you jump while on it, meaning it can be a versatile tool in vertical levels.


Here are the assets I use:

  1. Palette: Nord Theme
  2. Font: Silver

The art was made in Aseprite, and music created via Jump Box. The two songs I made are:

  1. Phi
  2. Tau


Download 30 MB
Download 31 MB


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Really fun concept. Might recommend making the hitbox for the springboards slightly smaller. Good work! 

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so i really love this idea, it has a lot of potential to be turned into a longer game. It was really short, but super fun.  also i tried to speedrun it, and am currently trying to get it on


I'm glad you see potential in the game and had fun with it. I'm not sure if I will develop the game further, but I might make similar games in the future.

Also, those are some impressive records for both 0/12 and 12/12 versions. You beat my pb by a landslide at least (I think around 3 minutes for 0/12). Let me know if you do get it onto

i did it :)


Ayyy nice! I watched the run and that was some really nice pathing.


sub 1 minute :D

Incredible! I didn't know it was possible. You nearly landing on the spike at 47 seconds is very nice, and idk if that was intentional.

Well done.


This was an absolute joy to play! I only hope I can get good enough to accomplish something half as good in a week. 

Thank you for the kind words. As for the second point, i believe you'll get there eventually!


Really nice game! I like the art style and the gameplay mechanic, also the music was good for something that you made yourself for a one week jam. I took me a little while to get used to the controls, but I really enjoyed the journey!


All watermelons wow. Thanks a lot for giving the game a try. It means a lot to me that you appreciate the music, since making the game's music was my goal for the jam.


The art and visual style is great. It took some practice with the umbrella to get anywhere but after the initial frustration it was fun!

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed your time.


I really liked the art, and the game mechanics have a lot of potential, this could be turned into a whole platformer game :)

Yeah, I was super hyped when I discovered this mechanic. I was thinking the umbrella can also be used to push buttons or destroy cracked walls, or even shield you from projectiles.