The story follows a humble baker as their town is slowly consumed by an ever-encroaching barrier, on the other side of which is endless void. When one night, the Baker is awoken by a strange feeling, they venture outside to see the religious leader leave the town in a sort of trance, and vanish beyond the barrier. Perhaps this is what is happening to everyone?

After the town discusses some heavy decisions they must make, the Baker is thrust beyond, and they must find their way back before it's too late.

Game Jam:

This game was made in 15 days for the Neophyte Studios Narrative Game Jam #3. The theme is Outer Edge, and we took this literally as the outer edge of a town / barrier.

Role / Credits:
Thuleanx is the developer and artist. Cathardigan is in charge of writing and sound design. We collaborated on this game because we liked each other's past work and thought it would be fun to work together on a Jam.

We made all the art ourselves in Aseprite. The font used here is Silver, one of Thuleanx's favorites. The palette is BPRD-16 by BrainInABowl.


If you are having performance problems, consider playing the downloadable version for your platform. It's generally more stable.

Install instructions

Unzip the compressed file, and an executable with the name Poiura (Poiura.exe for windows) will be there.


PoiuraMac.zip 34 MB
PoiuraWindows.zip 34 MB


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what are the keybinds and how do i sleep

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it's WASD (or arrow keys) for walking around, and click on the bed for sleeping.


I love this game, I just wish that that you could kill the village elder in the void.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. That would've been cool, something like a boss fight at the end. It's a game jam though, and we chose to focus exclusively on the narrative and horror aspects.

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Thanks for checking our game out!


Hey guys, I had a lot of fun with this one and I'm hoping it gets fleshed out and becomes a full game. You asked for some suggestions and I go into it a bit in the video, but I will also write down my thoughts below just incase it's inconvenient to watch. 

This game has a really unique 'coolness' factor and while I can't quite pinpoint the source of that feeling, it's definitely something that I wish I could have more of. There's just something really awesome about your everyday ordinary baker of a small town becoming a 'hero' out of necessity. Poiura provides fun gameplay that I'd like to see evolve a bit more if there are plans to flesh it out. 

The writing does a good job of keeping the interesting things unknown to the player while reassuring them that there are plenty of interesting things right around the corner. My only nitpick is that there are times during the dialogue with the townsfolk where it feels as though anything I say doesn't really matter at all. At what point is it okay for the Baker to demand answers from those around her? In my opinion, the Baker's actions are a bit too dismissive when you consider the apocalyptic-level conditions surrounding her and the community that she's been a part of for presumably a really long time. I'd like to think that I'd be doing anything I could, including intimidation, to find the answers.

Thanks for making games!


Thanks for giving the game a try and leaving such detailed feedback. I really enjoyed watching your playthrough, especially your predictions / interpretations of the story. I'm glad you had a good time playing the game.

I agree with your assessment in terms of gameplay. Due to the sheer size of the map, a lot of features were cut out for the interest of time, though I'm glad that the ones that stayed in managed to intrigue you. I'll leave points about the writing for Cathardigan, the writer, to comment on.

There are also more clues about the world and story if you interact with the NPCs a second time, which is something that I could've admittedly made more clear. I'll give you a hint about that door that you were curious about though: sometimes bakeries or restaurants name themselves after the owner or their family.


Your game was awesome but I couldn't shoot the gun since I was on a Chromebook either way avoiding the monsters were easy

Cool! We made avoiding the monster altogether an option for the game thinking that would eventually influence the ending. I'm glad to know that this helps people without a mouse plays.