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Can a square survive an onslaught of bullets?

Maybe that's how you find out how the song ends.

This is a game we made for the OST Game Jam Vol-2, where you have 2 weeks to make a game out of one of the songs from the Two Hour Album Challenge. Raster revolves around the song Randomly, A Train Appears by A-D-D-F_Toxic.

Valkoy and I were dreaming about making a top down RPG where bosses time their attack to the beats of the song, but we knew we couldn't make it in time. Coincidentally, we ended up watching some "Just Shapes and Beats" gameplay and decided to make something similar for the Jam.

For that little bit of spice, we sprinkled in an object that acts similar to an "Enter the Gungeon" blank that could clear all bullets on the screen, if you reach it quickly.



As well as a host of sound effects made using bfxr + sounds from Open Game Art. The font used is Silver, one of my favorite.

Developer: Thuleanx

Artist: Valkoy

Huge thanks to A-D-D-F_Toxic for the song as well as helping me get the tempo right. If you enjoy the music, check out A-D-D-F_Toxic's other works: https://www.addftoxic.com/.

If you are stuck at the title screen, know that the UI buttons are clickable. Interact with the song list will allow you to load the game's levels (in this case there's only 1 map).

Install instructions

If you see D1 in the name of the download, that means the Day 1 quality of life patch after I've gone through people's feedback. It should (fingers crossed) work as well as the normal version but with some slight improvements. Here are some D1 patch features:

  • Blanks (the things that make you explode and destroy bullets) now heals you for 1
  • Blanks now vibrate moments before they get disappear. Before that there was only a sound played when they vanish, which feels kinda bad and visually unpredictable.
  • Blanks now properly get destroyed when you die instead of lingering on screen.
  • Added link to addf's other works in the end screen
  • Little arrow telling you to hit the button in the song list
  • Bullet patterns that relied on a random seed remains the same even if you die and retry that portion, properly making everything in the game deterministic / predictable


RasterD1OSX.zip 33 MB
RasterD1Windows.zip 33 MB


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I like it! its challanging but not frustrating. Im not sure if I missed something but there is currently only one level right?

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah one level was all we could make in 2 weeks.


I love this game! It's a challenge without being too frustrating, and such interesting interpretations of the sounds within the song.

Ayy I'm glad you enjoyed it. The song itself was challenging (in a fun way) to map out, especially because the drums don't hit on the main beat. In the end, I couldn't quite get to the bells / chimes.

In any case, I've implemented a quick patch after seeing your gameplay / other people's recommendations (details above). Thanks a lot for playing the game + the amazing music.


To people who have played Just Shapes and Beats / Project Arrhythmia: Did we do it right?